Thursday, 8 September 2011

Product Review: Boat neck Cashmere Dress from Pure Collection

When I was offered a choice of garments to review from Pure Collection, I wanted to choose an item that would be something that I would shop for myself, and that would be a useful addition to my wardrobe.

I am the sort of person who hates buying an outfit that only gets worn the once. I expect my clothes to work hard for me, both in terms of the durability of the garment, and also in the sense that I expect it to be versatile. I have lots of clothes that have become treasured possessions, clothes which I have had for years and years, and love them for their quality, and for the fact that they are classically designed, and so never really go out of style.

The dress that I am reviewing pretty much ticks all the boxes in terms of quality and style. It is a very understated dress which can either be accessorized to create a very formal look, or it can equally well be part of a more relaxed look. Hopefully you will be able to see from the photos, that I have been able to quite easily create three different looks with this dress

City Sleek

This look could not have been more simple. Just the addition of a thin black belt, with matching shoes and handbag, and here you have an outfit that would be quite at home in the workplace.

Sweety Shopping

Hopefully a totally different look, accessorized with a leather jacket, leather boots, and an animal print scarf, and here we have an outfit that you could wear informally, perhaps doing some relaxed Saturday shopping.

Collared Dove

This is possibly the look that is most ‘me’. Collars are really popular at the moment, and this lovely pearl and glass bead antique collar that I borrowed (pinched) from Mum, helps to create a lovely soft, simple look, when the dress is worn with the belt it came with. I think that this very much echoes the ‘heritage’ look that is currently on trend, and had it not been a blisteringly hot day when we took the photos, I would have probably been wearing this dress with the lovely pair of cream woollen tights I have stashed away for the winter.

I own a couple of cashmere and cashmere blend dresses, but I have to say, hand on heart, this dress beats all of them hands down in terms of quality. It is very, very soft, and just feels more luxurious than my other dresses. It is also very light, comfortable to wear, and surprisingly warm. For such a luxury garment, it is also very easy to care for, requiring a hand wash, and being allowed to dry flat.

If you look at this dress in the brochure, the description contains the intriguing phrase ‘designed to skim rather than cling’. Now, speaking as someone who had a baby six months ago, this is very important. I still have some post pregnancy lumps and bumps, and there is a danger with a dress of this style, that all the wrong bits can be accentuated.

However, as (hopefully) you can see from the photos, this was not the case. It is a very flattering dress which does indeed skim the body line, without clinging to any lumps and bumps. Normally with a dress like this, I would probably wear some bodyshaping undies, just to ensure a smooth line, but when these photos were taken, I wasn’t.

In terms of sizing, the size chart for the knitwear is a tad intimidating, stating that a size 10 requires a 25 inch waist. Now my measurements are 32”, 28”, 36” and with most other labels, I am a size 10. However, the dress I am wearing in the photos is a size 12, and I think it is just the right fit.

I also spent sometime reading the ‘About Pure’ section of their website, and was very interested to read about the ethics behind the production of their cashmere garments. Do click on the link, because it is worth a look, particularly if you are interested in animal welfare and fair trade.

So all in all I do love this dress, and I know it will become a real wardrobe staple for me. The quality of the fabric is fabulous, the shape of the dress is flattering, and it is a versatile piece that will never go out of style. The dress comes in a range of four colours, and I already have my eye on the “Blackberry” one, the one I am wearing is “Praline”.

The dress is normally £179.00, but in the catalogue it is currrently on offer at £134.25. Personally I think that is a good price for a garment of this quality and versatility. I hope you found that review helpful, more beautiful clothes and information can obviously be found on the Pure Collection website. Happy shopping!


  1. The dress looks amazing! I can't believe how different it looks with the various accessories! I love the look with the collar. xx

  2. Thanks! This dress is a really, really good investment, it is just so versatile! xx